Protect Your Equipment With Nanuk Cases

Nanuk cases are made of indestructible and lightweight NK-7 resin with patented PowerClaw superior latches that use compressive force to clamp tightly closed. They also include integrated slide locks that prevent the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

Nanuk cases come in up to 10 colors. This allows users to choose a color to match their equipment or identify it in an emergency situation.


A waterproof protective case can keep your sensitive equipment safe from the elements and harsh environments. These cases are ideal for first responders, military personnel, first aid kits, photography gear and more. They’re also made to meet the needs of the most demanding professional users and are extremely durable.

NANUK cases are molded from tough NK-7 resin, a durable thermoplastic polymer that resists impact and provides excellent strength and durability. They also feature a pressure equalization valve that compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure, rain and temperature.

The NANUK 935 Wheeled Hard Case is an excellent choice for storing medical and first aid kits, electronics, camera equipment, drones, sample kits, tools and firearms. Its rugged construction is waterproof and crushproof, with a molded latch design that’s easy to grip. The case also includes a customizable foam insert that’s easy to install and is suitable for various sizes of equipment. It also features cutouts near the latches that are large enough to accommodate padlocks for additional security.


Designed to protect expensive equipment in some of the harshest environments, Nanuk cases are built with durability in mind. Using the tough NK-7 resin, they are resistant to the most extreme conditions. They meet the MIL-Spec standards and can withstand atmospheric and climatic changes, drops, shocks, and other hazards.

Each case has two padlockable hasps reinforced with stainless steel molded directly into the case for added strength and security. These can be fitted with TSA approved security padlocks to ensure that your equipment stays safe and secure when on the move.

The case also features a pressure equalization valve, which helps to keep your gear free from damage while travelling through changes in air pressure. It also keeps the case from forming a vacuum lock, which can affect the contents. The patented PowerClaw latching system holds the case shut and prevents it from opening during transport or from an impact. It also provides a waterproof seal.

Easy to carry

NANUK cases are packed full of innovative features to make them easier to carry. The PowerClaw superior latching system clamps tight to keep the case shut until you’re ready to open it, and the integrated slide locks prevent accidental opening during transit or if the case is dropped. These features make NANUK cases much more secure than other protective equipment cases on the market.

NANuk’s hard sided cases are built to withstand some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Their NK-7 resin bodies are reinforced with several performance-enhancing additives, and they’re waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant. They’re also able to float in water, so you don’t have to worry about your expensive gear going down the river.

Unlike other protective equipment cases, Nanuk’s handles are made of stainless steel hardware that won’t rust or be damaged by harsh environments. Their minimalist design looks like a briefcase and doesn’t scream “STEAL ME”. They are ideal for photographers, videographers, and musicians who need a durable case that will keep their valuables safe from the elements.

Easy to identify

Unlike other waterproof cases that use cheap hardware, Nanuk cases feature stainless steel hardware that will last for years. This prevents the case from rusting and allows you to use it with confidence for a long time. Additionally, all Nanuk cases are stackable. They are designed to fit into each other, with the feet slotting into the mould of the lid of another case.

Waterproof, rugged Nanuk Cases are ideal for storing first aid equipment. Each case comes with two padlockable hasps that are molded into the tough resin. They allow you to secure your case with TSA approved padlocks that will keep it locked during transit but open for inspection by the TSA.

For storing or transporting rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammo and other firearms, NANUK offers high-grade pre-cut foam options that are engineered to fit a variety of firearm sizes and setups. Each gun case features a lockable latch, a lid stay to keep the case securely open when in use, and reinforced stainless-steel eyelets to support additional padlocks.

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