New Zealand Escorts – Why You Should Consider Becoming an Escort

Whether you are traveling to New Zealand for the first time, or have been there before, you might want to consider becoming an escort. In New Zealand, escorts are legal and sex workers are legally allowed to earn their living off of the proceeds of prostitution, brothel-keeping, and street solicitation.
New Zealand is the ideal country to work as an escort

Located in the Pacific Ocean south of Australia and east of the US, New Zealand is a culturally rich country with an abundance of tourist attractions, a booming economy and a robust welfare state. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself as an escort or other forms of escorts NZ, it’s a good idea to consider working in New Zealand.

Sex work is legal in New Zealand, and there are many regulatory bodies to keep you in line. The most important of which is the New Zealand Police, whose role is to enforce the law while keeping your client safe. In terms of regulations, sex workers are protected by the same laws as dishwashers, waiters and waitresses, and in some cases, are entitled to healthcare and social benefits as well.

The best working conditions for sex workers can be found in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Prostitutes are paid weekly, and there is a good relationship between the police and prostitutes.
Stigma is the next frontier of the battle for sex workers

During the last decade, New Zealand sex workers have experienced some improvements in terms of their rights and safety. However, they have still experienced stigma. This stigma has been a key barrier to the fight for justice, equal rights and health care.

There are a number of policies that have been put in place to combat stigma. These include:

The Prostitution Law Review Committee report was launched in 2008 and investigated the law change that was passed that year. This law changed the age that a person must be to purchase or sell sex. This law was aimed at improving sex workers’ safety and their ability to report crime. However, this law has also been criticised.

The Prostitution Law Review Committee report found that there was no evidence that there had been an increase in underage sex work in the New Zealand sex industry. Instead, the law reform had improved sex workers’ rights and their ability to enforce safe labour conditions.
Frequently, men scream obscenities at the women

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