Military vehicles and equipment from many theatres of war. . .

From the Land Wars to the Vietnam era, the collection includes a huge variety of vehicles, ordnance and equipment. We have US army trucks, a Jeep, a Damlier Ferrett Scout Car, and military motorcycles used in WWII, including the light-weight Royal Enfield Flying Flea dropped by parachute behind the lines. Land Rovers include series 1 and 2, plus the rarer forward control Land Rover.

On display are engines used for both marine and aeronautical use, including a rare Packard/Merlin Mustang engine, the 12-cylinder Napier Lion engine (“w” configuration) a 1932 Lycoming radial engine and the Gypsy Moth engine used in the Tiger Moth.

The ordnance includes a WWI 4.5″ Howitzer, black powder cannons used for signalling, and a naval gun turret from the HMNZS Achilles. The WWI Howitzer and Achilles gun turret are both undergoing preservation at the moment.

Also in the collection, and to be displayed when we can get funding for appropriate glass cases, are some extremely rare and delicate old Military uniforms and equipment.

Click here to view the HMNZS-Achilles-4-B-Gun-Turret

Click here to view the WW1 4.5″ Howitzer


Classic , Vintage and Veteran motorcycle heaven…

With over 63 classic and vintage motorcycles, this part of the collection is enough to make the motorcycle-enthusiast drool.

Our oldest bike, the 1904 Peugot racer was named Best Veteran in the 2012 Classic Motorcycle show in Auckland. The 1904 Peugot has no brakes or clutch, an engine identical to this (but in a Norton frame) won the very first Isle of Man TT Motorcycle race in 1907 in the multi cylinder class. The winning rider was Rem Fowler, and the race full of adventure.

The collection includes most of the famous makes; Norton, Rudge, Brough Superior, Triumph, Ariel, BSA, Sunbeam, Peugeot, Royal Enfield, Vincent, Harley, Indian, Levis, Coventry Eagle, Connaught and 12 Velocettes .

Most of them are in a fully restored condition.

We also have a few early push-bikes, and military bikes dropped by parachute behind the lines in WWII (Wellbike).

Other Classic Vehicles

Classic vehicles of all types from European and American cars and trucks, to buses, a charabanc, mail coach and even a small restored steam train!

Its not all Packards (only 54). Other classic cars and vehicles make up the collection of approx 350 vehicles. The range is huge, and many are in restored condition.

Domestic Items

No matter what your interest we are bound to have something for you here…

Graeme collected anything that resulted from the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many domestic items that had changed the way people lived caught his eye…

The collection includes;

  • saws and early chain-saws
  • telephones
  • Early vacuum cleaners
  • toy cars from the 1920’s
  • vintage radio collection
  • early sewing machines
  • money box collection
  • NZ uniforms from 1850 – 1945
  • goat and dog carts
  • lantern projector (1890) + early French slide viewer
  • Rifles, flintlock pistols, machine guns, bayonets and swords
  • cast iron stoves
  • early carpenters’ tools
  • early saddlers’ and leather tools
  • steam models (static)
  • too many other items to list

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