HMNZS Achilles B Turret 4" Gun


 This gun came from the Leander class cruiser HMNZS Achilles which was NZ's first ship to fire in anger in World War Two, in the Battle of the River Plate, near Montevideo, Uruguay.

It was a part of the New Zealand division of the Royal Navy at that time. The battle of the River Plate was the only action in World War Two to take place in South America.

This turret stood for many years out the front of the museum, and has now been moved to the back of the museum in preparation for preservation work. The gallery below shows the moving process (via 50 ton crane) and the HMNZS Achillles departing Malta in 1943.

Futher details about this turret can be found here:

It is able to be viewed by the public,