The Packard & Pioneer Museum

Maungatapere, Northland, NZ

An extraordinary collector

The museum exhibits were collected over a period of 60 years by Graeme Craw, and has its roots in Graeme’s fascination with the Industrial Revolution. This era saw developments in engineering that changed the world forever. It was a time of innovation and invention.

This unique collection shows the changes from horse- and oxen-power to heavy machinery such as our steam traction engines, bulldozers, tractors and earth-moving equipment used by the men and women who built New Zealand’s infrastructure. 

So much more than just a load of old cars

The collection tells the story of how New Zealand was shaped into the country of today. Our tour-guides take you on this journey, and along the way all kinds of stories within the main story emerge. 

Every visitor, old or young, discovers items in the collection which trigger their own memories – perhaps of the first family car, or a household tool Grandma used. We love to take the time to listen . We allow time for people to look and linger, reminisce and share their stories.


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